Will Bruce Rauner's Teardown Agenda Prevent Schools from Opening in the Fall?

Public Universities Take Another Credit Hit, Five Universities Downgraded to "Junk" Status

Chicago, IL — School superintendents from across the state are worried that their local public schools won’t open because Bruce Rauner is holding the budget hostage with his teardown agenda. On day 712 without a budget, the situation keeps getting worse, with four school superintendents in the news last week expressing their distress.
A superintendent from Belleville 118 tells KMOV:

"It's been serious up to now," says Belleville 118 superintendent, Matt Klosterman.
"It would become extremely critical if we don't have a budget in place," he continued.
— KMOV: Illinois school districts sweating out the summer as budget battle continues

The same KMOV article quoted a St. Clair County Regional School superintendent:

St. Clair County Regional School superintendent, Susan Sarfaty, says there are some districts that may have a tough time keeping classrooms open.
"We have districts I know cannot go much past October and many districts that would be in trouble by December of this year if they get no state money." Sarfaty says.
— KMOV: Illinois school districts sweating out the summer as budget battle continues

In the Quad Cities, KWQC interviewed East Moline School Superintendent Kristin Humphries:

Humphries admits that if a budget isn't passed in the state of Illinois, his school district may not be able to open its doors.
"Our fund balances are very low," he said.
The board of education can vote to open the school, which Humphries says is likely, but without a budget he says they wouldn't last a whole year.
"Last year we could operate until Halloween," he said. "This year we will not make it until Halloween.”
— KWQC: 700+ days without an Illinois Budget; Local school district could close if nothing passes

The Quad-City Times talked to United Township Superintendent Jay Morrow:

At the end of the day, Morrow said Illinois needs a budget.
"We haven't had a budget for two years, and it appears not for another year," he said.
Morrow will be watching legislative actions the next 20 days, before July 1, to see if there is a stop-gap state budget or if a separate K-12 budget is passed, like last year.
"We are in a wait-and-see mode. It's frustrating, but we do our best," Morrow said. "Our kids are back here, Aug. 2, ready or not."
— Quad-City Times: Illinois budget battles concern RI County schools

As the people of Illinois wait for Bruce Rauner to do his job and pass a budget, higher education continues to struggle. Moody’s just downgraded five state universities to junk status and offered some advice on how those public universities could get an upgrade: “Resumption of steady and consistent state support contributing to improved operating performance.”
“Bruce Rauner's obsession with imposing his teardown agenda is destroying our public schools and universities,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “If he took a moment to listen to those suffering through his manufactured crisis, he’d learn that there is a clear consensus: Illinoisans want a budget, and they want it now. 712 days without a budget is just unacceptable. It’s time Rauner started doing his job.”


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