Tick Tock: 709 Days Without A Budget

Bruce Rauner Calls Victims of His Budget Crisis ‘Props,’ But Let’s Actually Meet Them

Chicago, IL — Yesterday, on day 708 without a budget, Bruce Rauner toured the state to promote his teardown agenda while lawmakers held a hearing with victims of his budget crisis. Instead of showing up, Rauner had the audacity to call those victims ‘props’ and the hearing a ‘sham’ as he spent another day not working on a balanced budget.

News reports told the real story of people who’ve been hurt by Rauner’s crisis:

NPR Illinois: Families Send Distress Call Over State Budget

The message came from people with drug addiction, domestic violence counselors, and parents of disabled children — like Kathy Hansen of Elmhurst.
“We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and family members who can’t sleep at night because the state has virtually abandoned our loved ones,” Hansen said.


ABC 7 Chicago: Democrats hold budget hearing while Rauner tours Amazon fulfillment center

Yvette Ruffin, a domestic violence survivor, works at the agency that helped her when she needed it most.
"The funding, we really need it because these women are in dire need of these services," said Ruffin.

Chicago Tribune: State budget impasse victims rip Rauner, who says Democrats using them as 'props'

Joyce Coffee, who directs Family Rescue, a South Side organization that helps victims of domestic violence, said her not-for-profit had spent its reserves and was drawing on a line of credit to keep its doors open in the midst of the two-year budget stalemate.
"We have chosen deliberately to remain in operation because the alternative is that there would be few if any services for those thousands of victims," Coffee said. "We are saying to you that we are subsidizing the lack of decision-making at the state level. We can no longer afford to do that." […]
"Gov. Rauner, the consequences of indecision and failure to negotiate are not mere talking points," said Ines Kultleska, CEO at Guardian Angel in Joliet, another domestic violence services provider. "They are leaving scars on the already most vulnerable and harmed amongst us."

It's clear that these are real people suffering from a manufactured crisis — not props.
“Bruce Rauner calls the victims of his budget crisis ‘props’ and says listening to them is a ‘sham.’ That says all you need to know about our failed governor and his priorities,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “These are real people in real pain, but Rauner can't be bothered to listen. Bruce Rauner has no regard for the damage he is causing and is entirely unwilling to do his job for the state."


Crisis Creatin' Rauner