Tick Tock: 694 Days Without a Budget

Bruce Rauner Donates Millions to Fund Fake Conservative News, Lies About It 

Chicago, IL – Today, on day 694 without a budget, Bruce Rauner finds himself embroiled in controversy over conservative fake news and the millions of dollars he spent to fund it.  
Yesterday, Rauner took a break from attending concerts and chatting on Facebook, to sit down for an interview with WCIA’s Emilee Fannon. It didn't go well. Fannon pressed Rauner on his connection to Dan Proft and Local Government Information Services, a Proft run company responsible for spreading fake news to Illinoisans. Rauner’s response

“I’m not familiar with it.” 

There are a few problems with that:   

Bruce Rauner donated $2.5 million to the organization he says he is not familiar with.  Local Government Information Services is just the latest iteration of Liberty Principles PAC. Rauner donated $2.5 million to the PAC back in June, which accounts for much of their funding. The PAC is known for, among other things, disseminating fake conservative news.  

Bruce Rauner’s administration potentially  leaked  false information to the organization he says he is not familiar with.  Just last week, the Rauner administration was caught leaking misleading and confidential state records to the conservative organization in order to prevent compromise on school funding reform. 

Bruce Rauner has consistently benefited from the organization he says he is not familiar with.  694 days into the state’s budget crisis and it’s no surprise the real news hasn’t been too kind to Rauner. But Proft’s fake conservative news remains on his side. Proft's organizations have consistently worked to advance Rauner’s interests in state legislative races and spreads fake news to his benefit.  

“Bruce Rauner can’t get any good news as he continues to decimate our state’s economy so he decided to create his own,”  said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “After spending millions of dollars to fund conservative fake news that lies to Illinois families, he says ‘I’m not familiar with it.’ Illinoisans have learned not to expect too much from Rauner, certainly not a budget or a firm grasp of the truth."