The Murashko Memo: What Does It Mean?

Chicago, IL – As rumors continue to swirl regarding the abrupt departure of Bruce Rauner’s General Counsel, Dennis Murashko, Illinoisans have finally gotten a look at the notorious memo that allegedly led to his exit.

The eight-page memo, which reportedly did not sit well with Bruce Rauner, lays out ethical guidelines for interactions between the governor’s official and political offices. While the memo gives insight into possible troubling coordination between the Rauner administration and his political operation, it does little to answer the numerous other questions swirling around Murashko’s firing.
“Bruce Rauner fired a senior advisor, spent months trying to hide the Murashko memo, and he refuses to answer any questions on the subject,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “As questions about potential ethics violations mount, it is time for Bruce Rauner to come clean to voters about why Dennis Murashko was fired.”


Michael Berger