RAUNER TOP FIVE: #WorstGov Decimated Social Services

Chicago, IL – Today, Crisis Creatin’ Rauner is wrapping up RAUNER TOP FIVE, a five-day series highlighting the lasting damage, misplaced priorities, and embarrassing stumbles that led Bruce Rauner to be crowned: ‘The Worst Republican Governor in America.’

Social service agencies were hit the hardest throughout Bruce Rauner’s manufactured budget crisis. Without state funds, services were cut, hours were reduced, staff were fired, and some agencies were forced to close altogether. While a budget was finally passed by the legislature over the #WorstGov’s vetoes, social service agencies are still reeling and trying to rebuild to their pre-crisis capacity.
“Bruce Rauner decimated social services in Illinois, all so the failed governor could gain leverage to force his special interest agenda on our state,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “It will take years to restore services that help Illinoisans build better lives after the damage done by ‘The Worst Republican Governor in America.’”


Michael Berger