RAUNER TOP FIVE: #WorstGov Decimated Public Education

Chicago, IL – Today, Crisis Creatin’ Rauner continues RAUNER TOP FIVE, a five-day series highlighting the lasting damage, misplaced priorities, and embarrassing stumbles that led Bruce Rauner to be crowned: ‘The Worst Republican Governor in America.’


With his 736-day manufactured budget crisis, Bruce Rauner devastated public education in Illinois, forcing five universities to downgrade to junk status, slashing access to childcare, and shuttering after school programs. Then, as if the damage done wasn’t enough, the #WorstGov also manufactured a K-12 school funding crisis to force through a back-door voucher program.
“Bruce Rauner has continuously used Illinois students as pawns in his my way or the highway political games,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “This failed governor’s crisis driven agenda has decimated public education at every turn, leaving schools and students to suffer the consequences.”


Michael Berger