RAUNER TOP FIVE: #WorstGov Refuses to Stand up to Donald Trump

Rauner Clueless Two Days After Senate Passes Trump’s Tax Plan

Chicago, IL – Today, Crisis Creatin’ Rauner continues RAUNER TOP FIVE, a five-day series highlighting the lasting damage, misplaced priorities, and embarrassing stumbles that led Bruce Rauner to be crowned: ‘The Worst Republican Governor in America.’


Over 48 hours after the vote, Bruce Rauner was unaware the Senate had passed Donald Trump’s devastating tax plan that’s opposed by a majority of Americans, with 61% saying it favors the rich at the expense of the middle class. But this isn’t the first time Bruce Rauner has failed to stand up to Donald Trump’s hateful agenda. The #WorstGov has also neglected to fight Trump’s efforts to strip healthcare from millions, demonize immigrants, and deport DREAMers.

“The U.S Senate passed Donald Trump’s devastating overhaul of the tax system and 48 hours later the governor of the fifth largest state didn’t even know it happened,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Bruce Rauner cowers and pleads ignorance as he consistently fails to protect Illinois families from Trump’s destruction.”


Michael Berger