Bruce Rauner Blames Everyone But Himself For His Failure

Worst Gov Exchanges “To Do” List For “To Blame” List

Chicago, IL – From the entire General Assembly to WBEZ, Bruce Rauner spoke to the Chicago Tribune editorial board yesterday where he blamed everyone but himself for his host of failures as governor.
Here’s who else might be on Rauner’s “to blame” list:

  • The state budget for not passing itself.
  • Dennis Murashko for being an ethics lawyer who writes ethics memos.
  • The secret Medicaid deal for ballooning costs by 57 percent overnight. 
  • Credit rating agencies for downgrading the state credit rating.
  • The bill backlog for tripling in two years.
  • Public universities for not funding themselves. 
  • Republicans for not blindly falling in line.
  • Democrats for running for governor to replace him.
  • Carhartt jackets for failing to conceal his hidden anti-worker agenda.

“After rolling out a laughable list of ‘accomplishments,’ Bruce Rauner has fallen back on playing the blame game, and there’s no end in sight for him evading responsibility,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner exchanged his ‘to do’ list for a ‘to blame’ list and next thing we know he’ll blame Canada for his failure to accomplish anything as governor.”


Michael Berger