Three Questions Bruce Rauner Needs to Answer About the Legionnaires Crisis

Chicago, IL – While 13 Illinoisans have lost their lives from Legionnaires’ disease at a Quincy Veterans’ home on Bruce Rauner’s watch, the failed governor has yet to answer urgent questions about the crisis. Here are three question Rauner must answer immediately:

1. Will Bruce Rauner release all information surrounding his fatal mishandling of the Legionnaires crisis? Many details remain unknown even after a tragic report describing three separate outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease that prompted 11 Illinois families to file lawsuits against the state.

2. Why did the Rauner administration wait over a month before alerting the CDC and the public about the crisis? A new timeline of events revealed significant delays between reports of Legionnaires and responsive actions taken by the Rauner administration.

3. What is Bruce Rauner’s plan to keep Veterans safe and healthy on his watch? Over and over again, residents of the Illinois Veterans’ Home have contracted Legionnaires’ disease, but a plan to end this crisis is completely unknown.

“Even with new tragic accounts coming to light, so much remains unknown about the extent of the Legionnaires crisis on Bruce Rauner’s watch,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “The Rauner administration must release all documents related to this tragic outbreak and give families who lost loved ones and concerned Illinoisans across the state the answers they deserve.”


Michael Berger