Rauner’s Secret MCO Deal Could “Destabilize” Medicaid, Cause “Significant Care Disruptions”

Health Policy Expert: “It Just Isn't Going To Work”

Chicago, IL – Bruce Rauner’s secret MCO deal could “destabilize” Medicaid and cause “significant care disruptions” according to health policy expert Joel Menges. Put succinctly, “it just isn't going to work.”
Between the no-bid contracts that shielded the deal from the public eye to the cost estimates skyrocketing by 57 percent overnight, evidence is piling up that Rauner botched the largest procurement in state history, and Illinoisans will have to pay up to cover his incompetence.
“Bruce Rauner’s stunning incompetence is costing Illinois taxpayers — again,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “After tripling the bill backlog, Rauner now wants to add another $23 billion to the cost of his secret MCO plan, all while cutting off access to healthcare and cowering to Donald Trump.”


Michael Berger