Why Bruce Rauner is the Worst Republican Governor in America

Chicago, IL – The National Review gave Bruce Rauner front page billing as the “worst Republican governor in America,” an appropriate title after almost three years of this governor’s failed leadership. However, the conservative publication missed a few key reasons Rauner has earned the title:

  • HISTORIC BUDGET CRISIS: Rauner manufactured the longest state budget crisis in the nation, spanning 736-days and only ending after the legislature overrode Rauner’s reckless vetoes.
  • TRIPLED BILL BACKLOG: Unpaid bills skyrocketed during Rauner’s budget crisis, forcing state vendors to go months and years without payment.
  • HIGHER ED DECIMATED: Public colleges and universities, which are the largest economic engines in many regions, were forced to lay off faculty and hike tuition.
  • SOCIAL SERVICES SUFFERED: Agencies serving our most vulnerable residents were starved of funding, leading some to close and others to drastically cut services.
  • BOND DOWNGRADES: Rauner earned the title ‘Governor Junk’ by the Wall Street Journal after dragging the state’s credit rating to one notch above junk status, the lowest in America.

“Bruce Rauner manufactured a 736-day budget crisis that unleashed havoc on this state, skyrocketing the bill backlog and plunging our credit rating, all while Illinoisans pay the price for his failed leadership,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “There’s no question that Rauner is the worst Republican governor in America.”


Michael Berger