One Week Later – Error 404: Bruce Rauner’s Accomplishments Still Not Found

Chicago, IL –  Last week, Bruce Rauner finally got something right. When his campaign changed his website, a visit to Bruce Rauner’s accomplishments page yielded this:

Presumably, Rauner’s team of superstars needed some time to come up with ideas of what Rauner has actually accomplished in his almost three years as governor. But after being given a week to list them, the website still gives the same, accurate result: Error 404: Page Not Found.

“If Bruce Rauner and his team of superstars need some help with their accomplishments page here are some suggestions: manufactured a 736-day budget crisis, added billions to our state’s bill backlog, and decimated Illinois’ economy and social safety net,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “But when it comes to accomplishments that have actually helped our state, it’s probably best they stick with Error 404: Accomplishments Not Found.”


Michael Berger