Rauner’s Secret Medicaid Deal Skyrockets to $63 Billion

$23 Billion Added Overnight to Largest Contract in State History

Chicago, IL – Bruce Rauner’s secret Medicaid deal is costing taxpayers $23 billion more than expected, a 57 percent increase quietly added in new estimates uncovered a day before Thanksgiving.
Now totaling $63 billion, the largest contract in state history was drawn up behind closed doors and without any public scrutiny that usually comes with high-dollar state contracts. Bipartisan members of the General Assembly are calling for independent oversight and public hearings, with Comptroller Susana Mendoza adding that Rauner himself should testify.
“Bruce Rauner closed this historically massive deal under a shroud of secrecy and has now sent costs skyrocketing overnight,” said Pritzker communications director Galia Slayen. “This is money that will come from the same hardworking taxpayers that had no input on this deal. Bruce Rauner is either purposefully deceiving Illinois families or once again forcing this state to pay billions to cover the cost of his incompetence. Either way, Illinoisans deserve immediate answers from this failed governor.”


Michael Berger