Damage Done: Rauner's Budget Crisis Forces Drastic Cuts at SIU

Chicago, IL – A dramatic plan by Southern Illinois University’s new chancellor, Carlo Montemagno, has drawn renewed attention to the damage done to state universities by Bruce Rauner’s budget crisis.
The plan to eliminate 42 academic departments and slash the number of colleges comes as freshmen-year enrollment at SIU has dropped by nearly 40% since 2015. The drop in enrollment has been attributed to rising tuition and unstable university finances that were exacerbated by Rauner’s 736-day budget crisis.
“Bruce Rauner’s assault on higher education has decimated universities that act as hubs of economic development throughout our state,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “It will take years for our state’s most valuable institutions and families across southern Illinois to recover from the damage done by this failed governor.”


Michael Berger