Will Bruce Rauner Welcome Trump In Illinois?

GOP Govs Keeping Trump Far From Campaign Trail — What About Rauner?

Chicago, IL – Last week, Bruce Rauner skipped a Republican Governors Association meeting in Austin where concerns about Donald Trump were front and center heading into 2018. Republicans are so worried about their toxic president that one blue state GOP governor said he wants to keep Trump far away from his state.
Governor Larry Hogan told the New York Times it’s “pretty safe” that he would keep his party’s president off of the campaign trail in Maryland, but we haven’t heard anything from Bruce Rauner. So, will Rauner campaign with Donald Trump in 2018?
“With a governor already saying he wants to keep the president far away from his reelection campaign, it’s time for Bruce Rauner to focus on his Donald Trump problem,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Voters deserve to know if Rauner will welcome his partner in Washington to this state to save his struggling reelection campaign.”


Michael Berger