Damage Done: Rauner Decimates Rural Healthcare Then Botches Proclamation

Chicago, IL – Today is National Rural Health Day, but you wouldn’t know that by reading Bruce Rauner’s official proclamation which misdates the holiday as tomorrow. The botched proclamation is only the tip of the iceberg of Rauner’s decimation of rural healthcare.
While enduring Rauner’s budget crisis, 30 percent of local health departments were forced to cut services — shortening hours, laying off staff, and slashing programs — and not all departments have restored cuts. Rural hospitals also continue to struggle making payroll, with some maxing out their credit and delaying payments to vendors to do so.
“It’s no surprise Bruce Rauner doesn’t know when National Rural Health Day is because he’s too busy annihilating rural healthcare across Illinois,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner’s botched proclamation is just the latest reminder of the damage this failed governor has done to our state.”


Michael Berger