Damage Done: Healthcare Service Providers Still Reeling From Rauner’s Damage

Chicago, IL – While Bruce Rauner stumbles through the launch of his reelection campaign, medical care providers are still reeling from the damage done by his 736-day budget crisis.
A new report details the continued struggles of healthcare providers throughout the state, many of which are still owed millions of dollars in payments up to two years overdue by the state government. The crisis is so severe that some providers were forced to stop seeing patients insured through the State of Illinois, and have only just begun accepting them again.
“Bruce Rauner’s budget crisis pushed doctors and their patients to the edge, jeopardizing care for families across the state,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “It will take years for Illinois to recover from this failed governor’s destructive agenda and his damage is done.”


Michael Berger