Rauner Not Providing “Forceful Leadership from the Top” to Fix DCFS

Chicago, IL – In a scathing editorial about the tragic state of DCFS, the Chicago Tribune called for “forceful leadership from the top” to turn the agency around. Unfortunately, Bruce Rauner has failed to provide that leadership.
This is the state of DCFS under Bruce Rauner:

The annual report of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services inspector general is a 300-page book of horribles. It highlights failures within DCFS — in some cases, kids identified as victims of abuse who remained in the care of their abusers with catastrophic results. They showed up at schools and emergency rooms with welts, bruises, broken arms. In some cases they were dead.

“Our state government is failing Illinois children on Bruce Rauner’s watch,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner is leading from behind and putting his moral bankruptcy on full display while vulnerable children suffer in Illinois.”


Michael Berger