Bruce Rauner Touts After School Programs He Decimated

Chicago, IL – Yesterday, Bruce Rauner proclaimed October 25 “Lights On Afterschool Day,” but what went unmentioned were his barrage of attacks on after school programs and the children that suffered as a result.
Rauner’s 736-day manufactured budget crisis decimated after school programs throughout the state, with at least 18 shutting down and more reducing services because of cuts to the Teen REACH program. The cuts even led to the Little Village YMCA, named after Rauner, to shutter its program in 2015.
“Bruce Rauner touting after school programs makes about as much sense as the Trump White House leading an anti-bullying campaign,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “This failed governor decimated after school programs and a publicity stunt will do nothing for the many Illinois children he hurt.”


Michael Berger