Caught Red Handed: Rauner Lies on School Funding Bill

Chicago, IL – Bruce Rauner cut a few corners in one of his latest campaign ads and is now under fire after taking credit for a school funding bill he vetoed and then tried to kill.
When a reporter asked, “how is that not misleading to take credit for passing it?”, Rauner replied, “I was intimately involved in every negotiation, every discussion.” There’s one problem: Rauner was not in fact a part of those negotiations according to the bill’s sponsors and Rauner’s own words throughout the summer.


“Bruce Rauner’s only record on school funding reform is his veto and repeated attempts to derail the historic legislation,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Rauner was the obstacle, not the advocate our schoolchildren needed, and this failed governor deserves no credit.”


Michael Berger