Broken Promises: Re-Entry Center Sits Unopened Despite Rauner Pledge

Chicago, IL – While Bruce Rauner makes big promises to prop up his struggling re-election bid, he has a history of abandoning vows to voters across the state. In southern Illinois, one project has gone over a year without any follow through from this failed governor.

Southern Illinoisan: 1 year after Rauner pledged to reopen IYC as adult re-entry center, open date remains unclear
A year after Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner announced plans to create a re-entry center in Southern Illinois for inmates returning to the community, the facility in Murphysboro is still working to open. […]
"The pace does concern me," [Murphysboro Mayor Will] Stephens said. "Murphysboro needs the jobs, and more importantly the inmates need a legitimate second chance. The longer the reopening of the facility is delayed, the less-equipped parolees are to re-enter our communities. In turn, that makes our communities throughout Illinois less safe."

“After failing to keep his word to reopen a vital project over a year ago, Bruce Rauner moved on to making new promises on an even grander scale,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “With his trail of broken promises and penchant for destruction, it’s clear this failed governor can never be trusted.”


Michael Berger