Rauner is Spineless as Trump Decimates Illinoisans’ Healthcare

Chicago Sun-Times: “Gov. Rauner should be shouting… from the top of the state Capitol dome.”

Chicago, IL – While Donald Trump threatens to halt health insurance subsides for 175,000 Illinoisans, Bruce Rauner still hasn’t found the courage to publicly stand up to Trump.
In his latest attempt to deal with a dramatic White House policy change, Rauner is bracing behind the scenes while refusing to take any sort of public stand to stop Trump’s attacks. The Chicago Sun-Times highlighted Rauner’s glaring absence and called on him and other Illinois Republicans to take action against their party’s attempts to strip healthcare from millions.


Chicago Sun-Times: Editorial: Stand up and shout for decent health care in Illinois
Tens of thousands of Illinois residents are about to see their health insurance premiums shoot up, possibly to unaffordable levels, now that President Donald Trump has undermined our nation’s health insurance markets. Every elected and non-elected civic leader in Illinois, from Gov. Bruce Rauner on down, should be demanding that Congress fix this before anybody is kicked to the curb by insurance premiums that have moved out of reach. […]
Killing Obamacare is not what people want. Last Friday, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed that 71 percent of Americans would rather the White House simply make Obamacare work better.
Gov. Rauner should be shouting that message from the top of the state Capitol dome. Republican members of Congress from Illinois should be doing the same.
This is not party politics. This about people’s health.


“Bruce Rauner is spineless as his partner in Washington, Donald Trump, wreaks havoc on our country’s healthcare system,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh.“Instead of taking a strong, public stand against Trump and his assault on healthcare, our failed governor is cowering behind the scenes.”


Michael Berger