Damage Done: Bruce Rauner Spent $2.8 Billion in Unappropriated Money

Chicago, IL – In a presentation to potential bond buyers, Bruce Rauner acknowledged spending approximately $2.8 billion in unappropriated money in FY 2017 to keep up with state payments during his manufactured budget crisis.

The estimated $2.8 billion went towards the state's General Fund, including payments to schools and healthcare services. The presentation notes that the spending may be paid from future year appropriations, guaranteeing Illinois will continue paying the price for Bruce Rauner’s crisis in future budgets.

“$2.8 billion in unappropriated spending is just the latest cost of Bruce Rauner's budget crisis,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “Illinois is drowning in bills manufactured by this failed governor and his damage is done.”


Michael Berger